Archive for October 20th, 2018

100 Websites That Shaped the Internet as We Know It

The editors of Gizmodo put together a list of the 100 websites that made the internet what it is today. The 100 sites include the big ones, like Google, YouTube, and Twitter, but also long-gone pioneers like Geocities an...

Twitterpated Humans

It can happen to humans, too. HydrogenGreen (Austin Green) recreated the memorable scene from the movie Bambi in which Thumper becomes twitterpated. It's adorable. -via Laughing Squid...

Piano + LED is like Playing Guitar Hero

Musician and YouTuber [Rousseau]( connected some LEDs to his piano and filmed himself playing. The results look like he's playing piano a la Guitar...

Rare Chinese Mountain Cat and Cubs

One of the most mysterious cats on earth is the Chinese mountain cat (Felis bieti). These wild cats live in the high elevations of the northeast Tibetan plane. The first photograph of a Chinese mountain cat in t...

This Artist Helped Catch More than 500 Criminals

“My art is the only kind that does not need to be beautiful,” forensic artist Lois Gibson [said to Colors Magazine](

NASA Named Gamma-Ray Constellations After Pop Culture Characters

To celebrate its tenth year anniversary, NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope released a new constellation map with 21 gamma-ray constellations, named after famous landmarks and characters from pop culture, inc...

Miss Atomic Bomb

In the 1950s, people in the United States were enthralled by the power and potential of nuclear energy. Nuclear optimism and the atom bomb fever was in full swing, and President Harry S. Truman authorized a nucle...


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