Archive for September 6th, 2018

The cornerstone of a good handball shot

On the 25th of August, during a German 3rd division handball game, Fürstenfeldbruck was leading Konstanz 24-23 when Konstanz got a penalty shot at the last second. Last chance? HE SHOOTS! HE .......

Skull Carved Out of an Iron Meteorite

American artist [Lee Downey]( carved a 46.5-pound [skull out of an iron Gibeon meteorite]( that fell to earth in Nam...

Americans Have No Idea How Much Fuel Idling Uses

People look at me like I'm nuts because I turn off my engine while waiting in line at a drive-through. I've been told that if you are going to be still more than 20 seconds, you're better off turning your car off...

Lego Xenomorph Gets an Office Job

Well, this puts a new spin on what a "worker" xenomorph would look like! Hey, all those facehugger don't come cheap and not everyone can be the queen ... In "[Alien in Office](

How Michael Jackson Made A Song

Despite dying just before his 51st birthday, Michael Jackson had a long career in music. After headlining The Jackson Five as a child, he became an even bigger superstar ten years later -without ever having left the stag...

Pranksters Put Up a Poster Featuring Themselves in a Local McDonald's

[Jehv Maravilla]( and Christian Toledo saw a blank wall at their local McDonald's and decided to [make a fake poster of themselves and hung it up](


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