Alien Slapstick Comedy

It is a well-known fact that things unseen are the most effective imagination teasers. That's how it works. In this clip from the recent episode of the "Robot Chicken" we can see what happened behind the closed doors during the climax of James Cameron's 1986 classic "Aliens".

The episode elaborates on a scene where Ripley and Hicks are trying to break through the hordes of aliens during the climax of the movie. As you know, once they get into the elevator - alien drone blocks the door and tries to get inside but Hicks shoots him and get injured by the alien's acid blood. That's what we see in the film. This episode explores fate of the alien drone. And it is a bit slapstick.

Since xenomorph's blood is acidic - this creates a problem for an injured creature. Instead of just retreating anywhere - its blood burns through the floor and the creature falls level down. Over and over again. It tries to avoid another fall by jumping on the box but it backfires and so xenomorph falls down and meets the box. Then, on another level, it tries to run away from the hole but instead alien gets a prolong falling session down to the depths of Hadley's Hope.

It turns out that underneath the Hadley's Hope was a xenomorph city. Because of course it was there all along. With the buildings, streetlights and sidewalks and other xenomorphs walking leisurely casually dressed. An unfortunate alien falls down and gets splashed on the ground. The passerby sees that and calls an ambulance. Xenomorph's body is taken away but since the blood is acidic - it damages an ambulance car and causes one final accident.

Moral of the story - don't spill acid blood when you bleed.

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It is called "Acid" for the movie public. It is really a set of compounds that corrode organic material like Lewisite or some venoms. Why doesn't it harm the Xenomorph? That is over-thinking.
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