Archive for September 4th, 2018

Giant 3D Printing the Millennium Falcon

It may have taken Han 12 parsecs to complete the Kessel Run with the Millennium Falcon, but it only took 3D printing enthusiast [stonecoldfx]( nearly 10 days to print the s...

Dead Unicorn Cake

Taste the rainbow? Dead unicorn cake by []( looks deliciously wrong!...

Delightful Lego Aquarium

Turn the crank and the mechanical delight comes to life. The fish swim, the crab jumps, and the starfish spins. This is all packed into a detailed and ornate Aquarium made entirely out of Legos. [link](https://i...

Decoding the Unusual Shape of the Nepali Flag

All but three of the world's countries have rectangular flags. Switzerland and Vatican City have square flags. Then there's Nepal. The flag of Nepal has five sides made up of two triangles of different sizes. They have e...

The Good News Project

Tired of bad news? Take a look at South African artist Jaco Haasbroek's project "[The Good News](" where he puts a [punny spin on the good things in life](

A Most Effective Mouse Trap: Bowl of Peanut Oil

This is a most interesting, humane, culinary solution if you have a mouse in the house (or seven). Bonus if you happen to dine on peanut butter and vermin sandwiches! Via [VideoSift](

Does Your Cat Actually Hate You?

We learned the other day that when cats sneer, that doesn't necessarily mean they are disgusted with you. But there are other behaviors that may lead you to think your cat doesn't like you at all. That's because you're n...

Sex, Steroids, And Arnold: The Story Of The Gym That Shaped America

When Joe Gold was young, weightlifting wasn't much of a thing, so he and his friends made their own weights and lifted in Joe's family garage. Later, he hung out at Muscle Beach, where fitness fans worked out. In 1965, h...

Alien Slapstick Comedy

It is a well-known fact that things unseen are the most effective imagination teasers. That's how it works. In this clip from the recent episode of the "Robot Chicken" we can see what happened behind t...


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