Unprofessional Office Supplies

This question was posed at Ask A Manager:

I’m not in the business world yet, but I figure this will be relevant for when I am: in shopping for supplies to take with me to school, my dad made a comment about “lack of maturity” in my taste and how he was concerned it would hurt my reputation. (As he put it, “you’re going to be the weird girl at the weird school.”) In the future, will things like this really affect my credibility as a worker? I know things like a pencil case that’s also a stuffed sloth is probably too much for a workplace, but what about a bright pink three-hole punch, a glittery notebook and pen, or a file folder which has a snail design on it?

The answer, in a nutshell, is no, you're not weird, but you might dial it back just until you get your foot in the door. Various professionals jumped into a Twitter thread about the question to let the reader know she will be in good company on the job. Some of the office accoutrements displayed are causing envy.

-via Metafilter

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"Unprofessional Office Supplies"

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