Did Mary Poppins go to Hogwarts?

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She was prim and proper, educated, and wielded en enchanted umbrella. Was Mary Poppins trained in the magic arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? It makes so much sense! The various clues for this fan theory are explained in a video from Uproxx. Don't let the fact that Mary Poppins was a Disney movie and the Harry Potter films were from Warner Bros. make you doubt it. Remember, they were all together in the library to begin with.  

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What with Mary Poppins' obsession with tidiness and serving the house's master, I suspect she's really a house elf. The Disney company made her wear clothes, in order to get a G rating. P.L. Travers insisted Mary Poppins should wear an old snot-encrusted pillowcase all the time. This is why she was so unhappy with what Disney did to her character.
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Apparently I missed some of the details when I forwarded her response. "Essential" meant "essential for the precision with which Mary does magic." The HP wikia has an entry for wandless magic. "Only the most powerful and disciplined wizards and witches were able to perform advanced wandless magic reliably. Transfiguration and charms were particularly difficult to carry out without a wand." Entering a sidewalk chalk painting seems rather advanced, yes? Recall too that Jane Banks was able to snap her fingers to help clean up, following Poppins' lead. In the Potterverse, magical children "typically have no control over this magic", and "According to Albus Dumbledore, it is unusual and even somewhat worrisome for a child to be able to control their magic before the age of eleven." Karen Dotrice, who played Jane, was no older than 9. The house elves and other magical creatures have their own form of magic.
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My wife, the Potter fan in this house, points out that Poppins doesn't need a wand to do magic (eg, snapping fingers to clean up the room), while in the Potterverse a wand is essential.
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