The Dumbest Student You Ever Had

The question was, "Professors of Reddit, who was the dumbest student you ever had and what was so dumb about them?" It was followed by almost 6,000 comments. Some of them are unforgettable.

One of my students told me he was going to be 21 when he graduated high school. I asked him why. He explained that he ages TWO YEARS every year. He is 15 turning 16 so that is 2 years. He is probably right that he will not graduate HS til age 21, but not for the reason he mentioned lol -soulsista12

I didn’t believe any student was dumb - he/she may only have needed the right motivation.

Until I met RJ. RJ was dumb. RJ didn’t realize that the chicken we eat was the same as the animal. RJ was 21 at the time. -tapehead4

Happened in the first week of a college anthropology course:

Prof: "Let's list a few basic differences between modern humans and animals"

Student: "We have a heart beat" -PubScrubRedemption

You can read a ranked list of some of the stories at Bored Panda, or read them all at reddit

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I have a bit of sympathy for the people who asked stupid questions. Jean-Pierre Rampal, the acclaimed flautist, owned a gold flute and was frequently asked if it was for show or quality. He claimed it improved the tone. At a steel drum show, one of the musicians had a gold-plated drumhead. In order to check Rampal's opinion, I asked him if that changed the sound. Everyone, including the player, thought that was so stupid they laughed long and hard.

I got the answer, found out Rampal was deluding himself, and looked the fool.'homme_%C3%A0_la_fl%C3%BBte_d'or
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OMG, I wonder if "RJ" was the kid of this one woman I used to work with. She complained about how hard it was to feed her kid because he got upset when he found out animals were killed for meat. So, she convinced her little kid that the food wasn't the same thing.
She told us about one dinner where she told the family the dish was chicken spaghetti. Her kid asked, "Chicken the animal or chicken the food?" She replied, "Chicken the food, honey." "OK." was the reply.
I wondered how much mental anguish and other issues she was setting up for him...
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