Han Solo was Almost in Revenge of the Sith

The new movie Solo: A Star Wars Story will give us a backstory for the character Han Solo and it is guaranteed to be somewhat more believable than the one George Lucas envisioned. Lucas wanted to include Han as a minor character in Revenge of the Sith. In that scenario, Han was raised by Wookiees on the planet Kashyyyk, specifically by Chewbacca. That concept would have given a weird vibe to their later relationship, which is presented in the original trilogy as two friends who are also business partners. Would Han really call his father figure "Fuzzball"?

In the original Revenge of the Sith script from George Lucas, a 10-year-old Han would have found a transmitter on a smashed droid during the Battle of Kashyyyk. He would have presented it to Yoda, and the Wookiees would have traced that back to its source to find General Grievous. So in a way, we would have had Han to thank for Obi-Wan’s victory over the droid general. This would have also been a convoluted way to show how whip-smart and resourceful Han was even at such a young age. But making him a young orphan on Kashyyyk wouldn’t have made much sense at all, and the whole thing sounds like pointless fan service. Which is probably why the scene was cut from the script and never filmed.

And we're glad for that. Not everyone in the Skywalker saga has to have a meta backstory that circles around to coincidental reappearances that strain credulity. It's a bigger universe than that. Chewbacca's existence in the prequels was bad enough. Read more about Lucas' plans for Han at Inverse.  -via Uproxx

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Chewbacca's existence in the prequel (singular) was the only one that made sense. It explained why, later, he was talking with Obi-Wan in the bar before they even met Han. It explains why he didn't get a medal after they blew up the Death Star.
The existence of C-3PO is the one that doesn't make sense. That's quite a coincidence that Darth Vader is the person who built him (and on Tattooine; another coincidence!)
Cool thing is, in all of the original movies, C-3PO and Darth never saw each other.
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"Han Solo was Almost in Revenge of the Sith"

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