Competing for a Darwin Award at a Safari Park

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The few English words in this video are NSFW. I would assume that's the case if you understand Dutch, too. Cars are driving through Safari Park Beekse Bergen in the Netherlands. A French family opens their doors and gets out near a group of cheetahs, despite posted warnings in many languages that you don't do that. In the first part of the video, it appears that another car pulls up to warn them, but that doesn't stop them from getting out of the car again later, with terrify results.

As others have pointed out, they were really lucky these were cheetahs. If they had done this near lions or tigers, it could have turned out much worse. -via reddit

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So last year I was in a game reserve in South Africa and the game masters let us get out of the topless jeep to go see the cheetahs. So the game masters told me that the cheetahs see a standing adult as something too large to take down so as long as we stayed standing and grouped together we had very little to worry about. This seemed to check out as the cheetahs really didn't pay any attention to us (we didn't get any closer than about 15 meters). These fools however had a child which looks like a nice size food source and they also turned their backs to the cats.
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"Competing for a Darwin Award at a Safari Park"

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