Archive for May 11th, 2018

Full-Size Millennium Falcon Cockpit Built In A Garage

[] (YouTube link)The footage in this video looks like a tour through the set of the new film Solo. But this Millennium Falcon is completely homemade! Greg Dietrich, Jake Polatty, and...

Lies Our Mothers Told

Mothers lie to their children for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a wild story is easier than explaining something truthfully, because the truth is either unpleasant, complicated, or something the child doesn't care abou...

Science is Mostly About Staring

Where are all my coloured liquids?! Unfortunately, science is usually colourless and very rarely calls for dramatic staring. Also, I usually like to label my tubes... #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob

Competing for a Darwin Award at a Safari Park

[] (YouTube link)The few English words in this video are NSFW. I would assume that's the case if you understand Dutch, too. Cars are driving through Safari Park Beekse Bergen in the Netherland...

My Dad Painted the Cover for Aqualung, and it’s Haunted Him Ever Since

Burton Silverman is an acclaimed painter known for his portraits of working class people. At age 89, he has many years of teaching art and quite a few exhibits on this resume.  And yet, for all the artwork he’...


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