Name Dominoes

Randall Munroe at xkcd has been playing with names. You can string a lot of celebrity names together, as there are so many standard names that are used over and again, in different combinations. That is only multiplied when a famous person uses three names because their names are so common. Munroe laid out these associations in a game of dominoes to show how they fit together. See the enlarged readable version here. When you study this grid, you comes across some full squares where everyone's name intersects with someone else's.

John Brown leads to James Brown, which leads to James Newton Howard, which leads to Wayne Howard, Wayne Brady, Wayne Knight, and Wayne Newton, which leads back to James Newton Howard. And John Wayne fits in there just fine. You don't even need Olivia Newton John! And the Howards peel off in a second direction, which leads one to believe this could have been 3D dominoes. The grid is from today's xkcd comic. 

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