12 Surprising Effects of Daylight Saving Time

America went on Daylight Saving Time over the weekend, and now on Monday, workers across the country are feeling tired and cranky. For people who have to wake up at a particular time to get to work or school, the effects of losing an hour in the spring (although it's still winter) can be tough, but that's not the only effect of DST. There have been plenty of studies that show DST affects traffic, prison sentences, spending, and more.


Another study looked at people’s Google search trends for the Mondays before the switch to DST, immediately after the switch, and a week after, with a specific focus on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and ESPN (i.e. entertainment sites that people probably aren’t Googling for their jobs). They found that on the Monday after the switch, people searched for 3.1 percent more entertainment websites than the Monday before DST, and 6.4 percent more than the subsequent Monday. While the researchers caution they can’t be sure this was all "cyberloafing," the fact that there was nothing else special about these Mondays meant it very likely was

Of course, here at Neatorama we welcome such loafing, whatever your reason. I actually got more sleep after the time change, because my clock told me to go to bed at midnight, even though I wasn't tired. Then I managed to sleep until six instead of my natural waking time of five. Read more study results on the effects of Daylight Saving Time at Mental Floss. 

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