Everyday Items That Can Kill The Hell Out Of You

As Randy Newman sings in the theme song to the TV show Monk "It's a jungle out there...poison in the very air we breathe", but it's also a jungle inside our homes- where all sorts of ordinary, everyday things lie around waiting to kill us.

We're all well aware of the dangers posed by those delicious looking Tide Pods and its fellow laundry room killer bleach, but there are plenty of killers lurking in our pantries and refrigerators as well, - like Jell-O.

And it's a shame that a biker had to learn the hard way that umbrellas can kill a person like an arrow, but at least we all know to watch out for flying umbrellas now...I wonder if Mary Poppins has ever caused an umbrella-related funeral?

See 20 Commonplace Things That Can Kill The Hell Out Of You here

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With about 50M deaths a year total in the world, 2M deaths should place umbrellas as number 5 on the list of 10 causes of death in the world.

The napthalene one is rather misleading too. The typical threshold of smell for napthalene is around 0.08 ppm, while the lowest observed adverse (noncancer) effect level is 10 ppm and the level where it is considered immediate danger is 250 ppm. It would be baseless to say smelling it means you're inhaling a deadly amount as many would think is implied by the wording. Even if you don't smell it, you're probably inhaling napthalene anyway, as it exists at about 0.2 ppb levels in cities. (Numbers from EPA.)
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