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The Awkward Romances of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek was written for adults from the beginning. In the original TV series, we became accustomed to Captain Kirk finding a love interest on every planet the Enterprise visited. Star Trek: The Next Generation continued that tradition, although it had a wider range of characters involved in such romances. Captain Picard had a past (and sometimes a present) with Dr. Crusher, and Riker and Troi were definitely a thing, although both couples were on-and-off, so the characters were free to look elsewhere. But the series' trysts were often played for comedy, because there is nothing more down-to-earth than crossed signals, unwelcome advances, and unrequited love. For example, Deanna Troi's mother Lwaxana had the hots for Picard which she never bothered to hide, seen in the episode "Manhunt."

The telepathic and always inappropriate Lwaxana Troi returns to the Enterprise in the throes of the Betazoid version of menopause, which sees her sex drive essentially quintupling. Her mate of choice? Captain Picard, who is put off by her blatant come-ons. Lwaxana’s version of hello is using her species’ advanced mind-reading abilities on Picard to expose his “naughty thoughts” in public. En route to the Pacifica conference as the representative for Betazed, she lures him into what is supposed to be an ambassadorial dinner for the crew (to which she only invites the mortified captain).

It gets more awkward from there. Den of Geek has a list of ten ST: TNG episodes featuring hilariously awkward romantic stories for your Valentines Day viewing. In case that's the sort of thing you want for the holiday. 

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