What Happens When Graphic Designers Do Everything The Client Requests

Designers don't have to deal with the same problems regular 9 to 5 workers deal with every day, since they're typically in business for themselves, set their own schedule and don't have to deal with a boss or manager.

Ironically the worst thing about working as an independent designer is dealing with the clients, aka the people who pay for your work and therefore think they can tie you up on one project for as long as they want.

Clients never seem to know what they want when they hire you, yet they see every little thing wrong with every proof piece you show them and offer the most ridiculous edits, which you have to interpret- or you end up with this:

Nissin Cup Noodles shared these ridiculous images on Twitter that show what happens when a designer makes every little change a client requests, but they didn't stop with the already bad looking image above.

They took the edits one step further and ended up with this cringeworthy eyesore:

-Via design you trust

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This happens in audio, too, or at least it used to. I'd get an order for a :30 spot with 50 seconds of copy. I made it work. "Can't you speak a little slower?" Yeah, but then it would be a :60 spot. "Just make it a few more seconds long." Er, okay.

This happened so often that listeners complained about super long commercial breaks, when on paper they weren't long at all. I don't know how they handle local clients now that ads have to fit into network slots, but that's no longer my problem.
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