How Did South America Become A Haven For Nazis?

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Ever since the 2016 election it has become clear the U.S. is full of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists who have been hiding in plain sight until they felt comfortable revealing themselves and their patently stupid brand of hate.

But now that most of them have been exposed to the light the vast majority of Americans have proven they won't put up with them, or their hate-filled message, without a fight.

And these were just the 21st century wanna-be Nazis, so how could South American countries like Chile, Argentina and Brazil happily invite Nazis and their collaborators into their countries after World War II?:

Due to the hundreds of thousands of German immigrants who lived in the country, Argentina maintained close ties with Germany and remained neutral for much of World War II. In the years after the end of the war, Argentine President Juan Peron secretly ordered diplomats and intelligence officers to establish escape routes, so-called “ratlines,” through ports in Spain and Italy to smuggle thousands of former SS officers and Nazi party members out of Europe. As with numerous other fascist-leaning South American leaders, Peron had been drawn to the ideologies of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler while serving as a military attaché in Italy during the early years of World War II. The Argentine president also sought to recruit those Nazis with particular military and technical expertise that he believed could help his country, much like the United States and the Soviet Union who both poached scientists from the Third Reich to assist them in the Cold War.

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If you've ever wondered how many Nazis and collaborators made their way to South America after WWII here are the educated estimates, which are staggering:

According to a 2012 article in the Daily Mail, German prosecutors who examined secret files from Brazil and Chile discovered that as many as 9,000 Nazi officers and collaborators from other countries escaped from Europe to find sanctuary in South American countries. Brazil took in between 1,500 and 2,000 Nazi war criminals, while between 500 and 1,000 settled in Chile. However, by far the largest number—as many as 5,000—relocated to Argentina.

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Somehow the fake media cannot tell the difference between racist and people who just want immigration laws enforced. Other countries get called progressive when they enforce their laws. But when the US starts doing that, we get called "full of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists who have been hiding in plain sight ."
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I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you are referring to by the "it" in, "Yeah, I get that it was just an exaggeration."

Are you referring to the article above? Because "full of" is a rather common expression/idiom that would not be considered an exaggeration in other examples I gave.

You seem to be trying to attach a lot of baggage not relevant to the article or any previously made comment. This can look a lot like exaggeration of scope and as a way to try to get people "all angry."

Again, noting that white supremacy is present and increasing activity is not a left vs. right issue for any reasonable bounds of the political spectrum. Trying to turn it into a political left vs right issue is a disservice to which ever one is trying to bolster.
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Yeah I get that it was just an exaggeration. But what you don't seem to understand is that the left and their fake news outlets are exaggerating everything about Trump just like they do whenever they are out of power. Only a truly brain washed would not realize that the klan marches happen just about every year. Sure, they are getting more coverage so more people are joining. And let's face the facts, most of what the left fake media calls racist has nothing to do with race, it is just their way to get the brain washed all angry.
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if you cannot see the wellspring of klan and nazi visibility since the election, you're just being willfully ignorant. or perhaps you never switch your tv from fox news or your radio from rush. the fact that these nazis and klan turds are the first to point out that they feel vindicated and emboldened by trump has also apparently escaped you. sad.
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