Movie And TV Lines Nobody Ever Says In Real Life

Ask anyone to quote their favorite lines from movies and TV shows and they'll hit you with all kinds of lines like "Say hello to my little friend!", "Keep the change, you filthy animals!" and "I'll be back!".

But do you know which lines people never repeat? Cheesy lines like "we need to talk", "I have to do this alone" or "you were just what?".

And yet these lines are so overused in visual media we don't even notice them anymore, or rather we anticipate they'll be in pretty much every movie and TV show we watch so we completely overlook them when they're said.

Any conversation that starts out with "we need to talk" will be put off for as long as possible because we've been programmed by shows to know what comes next, just like when a character says "I have to do this alone".

But the cheesiest line to me is "You were just what?", which is used a lot in movies as well as books, since it's just makes the character who said it seem like an impatient jerk.

Read 5 WAY-Too-Common Movie Lines No Actual Human Has Ever Said here (NSFW language)

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The one that drives me nuts is "With all due respect..." Because 1) it's always said in a pissy voice to 2) someone in a higher position than the speaker and 3) the next words are going to be insulting or insubordinate.

Lay-zee writing.
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