Neatorama's Top Ten Posts of 2017

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Every year, Neatorama posts almost 6,000 items for your edification and entertainment. Those include feature articles, Neatorama exclusives, videos, links, neat pictures, and webcomics. Some posts do well, some not so well, and a few rise above the others and go viral. Here are Neatorama's top ten posts for 2017. Click the numbered titles to go to the original posts.  

10. An App That Allows You To Identify Any Plant With A Picture

(YouTube link)

You must admit, it's a genius idea. Might keep those city folks from sitting on poison ivy. The video is in French, but the post is in English. 

9. The Best National Park in Every State

We linked to this list in January, when people were getting tired of winter and starting to dream about their summer vacation. We hope we helped you make some great plans!

8. Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife

Comic artist Yehuda Adi Devir touched us with his illustrations of everyday conflicts with his wife that we can all relate to. While it takes patience to learn how to live with each other's quirks, we can tell that they are mad about each other, and the comics are drawn with love.  

7. Owners Had No Idea What Sitter Did With Their Dog Until He Sent Them The Video

(YouTube link)

Dog sitter James Liakos took care of a whippet named Skylar while her owners were on vacation. To reassure them he was doing his job, he recorded his adventures with Skylar, who James quickly came to love. The result was a masterpiece. 

6. The Most Awkward Moments At The Oscars

When we posted The Most Awkward Moments At The Oscars back in February, the actual ceremony was still a few hours away. We couldn't know that the show would end by announcing the wrong movie for Best Picture! But it was simply the latest in a long line of awkward and embarrassing moments at the Academy Awards ceremony, which you can read about in the post.   

5. How To Hear What Your Voice Sounds Like To Other People

(YouTube link)

We are terrible at judging our own voices, and when we hear a recording of ourselves, it's a complete surprise. But there's a shortcut to hearing yourself as others do, as you can see in this video by vocal coach Chris Beatty. 

4. Locals From 14 Countries Reveal The Most Annoying Things Tourists Do

Here's another bunch of useful tips for travelers. If you don't want to be the "ugly American," you'll pay attention to what can get on the nerves of the people who live in those wonderful places you're visiting. 

3. Anthony Bourdain's 6 Sushi Bar No-Nos

You don't want to look like a rube or a boor at a sushi bar, right? Who better to take advice from than world traveler Anthony Bourdain? Memorize these tips for a classy sushi experience.

2. Girl Posted Sexy Selfie To Show Off Her Dress, But The Internet Saw So Much More

Back in January, Alyssa posed for a sexy selfie, but what did everyone notice? You guessed it. What impressed people was not only the mess in her home, but that fact that she seemed totally oblivious to it. And how it happened more than once. Yikes.

1. What Flight Attendants Notice First About Passengers As They Board

Neatorama's biggest post of the year came out not so long ago. It's important to make a good impression, and travelers know that flight attendants can mean the difference between an easy leg of a trip and a disaster. Everyone wanted to know what's important before they made their holiday flights! 

It looks like a lot of people wanted to be prepared to travel in 2017. We hope those travel dreams come true for you in 2018!

In case you want to revisit them, the next five most-read posts are Chefs Share The Stupidest Food Orders They've Ever Received, Skull Firelogs, The Embarrassing History of Crap Thrown Into Yellowstone’s Geysers, You Can Travel Across The U.S. By Train For Just Over $200, and "Giraffe Woman" Takes Off Her Rings After Stretching Her Neck For Five Years.

As we come to the end of another great year, all of us at Neatorama want to say a special thanks to our feature contributors for their great work in 2017: Eddie Deezen, WTM, Ernie Smith of Tedium, The Annals of Improbable Research, Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, and Mental Floss magazine. Thanks to everyone who shared our posts with friends and on social media, to everyone who bought a NeatoShop t-shirt, and to all of you who come to visit Neatorama on a regular basis. We couldn't do it without you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Yes. I noted the date of last year's list, and checked all posts going back at least that far. If something ever stood out in the last half of December, I'd check it closer.
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