5 Ways Trying To Be A 'Cool' Parent Always Ends In Disaster

Children are wonderful. Parents have a blast seeing the world through their eyes, and they rejoice at all the new things they learn. Every milestone is a triumph, until that time comes when their milestones no longer involve their parents at all. It's normal, and it's painful, but trying to fight against it won't make you a winner. Your children are learning to gradually separate themselves from you. This instinct to become their own person makes itself evident in several ways, none of which you can do anything about.

A couple of years ago, millions of young parents had the mortifying experience of taking their kids to see a brand-new Star Wars movie, only to see said kid trying to surreptitiously watch YouTube prank videos on their phone the whole time. "Don't you get it? This isn't just a cool sci-fi movie, this is the film series that raised me! It's special!"

Then, suddenly, those new parents had a flashback to all of the lame, boring stuff their parents dragged them to or made them watch. And no amount of reminding kids of what it's supposed to mean to them is going to change the fact that even though it's a sacred family tradition that the family cuts down a Christmas tree every year, they're still tired, cold, and doing the same old thing they did last year. "I know for a fact that there are easier ways to do this!"

Read more about the futility of trying to be cool when you are the very person your child is turning away from at Cracked. Don't take it personally. If you weren't the most important part of their young lives, you wouldn't be going through this.

(Image credit: Flickr user Shaine Mata)

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