Who Will Die in The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale?

AMC has promised that the mid-season eight finale of The Walking Dead will have a shocking and devastating moment for the audience. We are not surprised, as that's the kind of talk we hear about every episode. But the series tends to kill off characters right before the show goes away for months at a time -and that's why we have these polls. Who do you think is going to bite the big one this Sunday night? Continue reading for specific predictions for each character, which will contain spoilers for those not current with the show. Or go ahead and register your prediction in the poll.

According to the people behind the show, Rick could die someday, but it won't be anytime soon. He'll probably outlive the show.      
Carl is a possibility, since actor Chandler Riggs is supposed to be starting college soon. But I doubt he'll die this week. The crew just wrapped up shooting the entire season eight last month.

Daryl is not as integral a part of the show as he once was, and he seems to have a death wish lately. And his death would deliver the punch that the network promises. But I don't think he will die this week, just because there are others who are more likely.

Carol is invincible.

Morgan is leaving The Walking Dead and will become a part of Fear the Walking Dead. Therefore, there is a chance of him dying this week. Fear the Walking Dead had been set two years earlier than The Walking Dead, which would have Morgan going back to an earlier version of himself (which still doesn't make sense, since he was in Georgia every time we checked in on him), opening up his death to be the expected way to leave the current show. However, the news is out that Fear the Walking Dead will have a large time jump going into the 2018 season, which may mean that Morgan will simply leave Virginia and meet up with the other cast. Whichever way they do it will most likely be in the season eight finale, and not in the mid-season finale.

Maggie will not die yet.

Michonne will not die yet.

Judith may already be dead, for all we know, since we haven't seen her in ages. If she were doomed to be killed off this week, she would have been featured in the last couple of episodes.

Tara is a possibility, as she has become reckless (like Daryl).

Rosita is a possibility, but we haven't seen any foreshadowing, so it's doubtful.

Since The Walking Dead focuses on a character an episode or two before killing them off, Eugene is very likely to bite the big one. He's conflicted and he's drinking. He knows one false move can get him killed, and at this point, the audience would probably cheer when it happens.

Gabriel is very sick, and his death would not be at all unexpected.

Aaron is out in the wilderness between the communities on some personal mission, and is more likely to save the day than to die this week. They wouldn't kill him off so soon after Eric's death.

Enid is with Aaron, so that goes for her, too.

Dwight is a goner, but will it be this week? Tara wants to kill him. Daryl wants to kill him. And Eugene may have to kill him. If Negan finds out he's the double agent among the Saviours, he won't hesitate to kill him on the spot.

Jesus will survive. He will have a bigger role in future adventures.

Gregory deserves to die, but his character is so deliciously different from the rest of the everyday badasses that we'd hate to say goodbye for that reason alone.

Simon could easily die, but that wouldn't give us much of an emotional impact at this point.

Negan will not die until the season finale, if then.

Ezekial should be around for a while. We hope.

Jerry can't die, he's too good for the show as he is. Or was, since he's got no reason to smile lately.

Jadis' character isn't developed enough to kill off just yet. But she will either change or die eventually. She currently holds the record as the most annoying character on the show.

Jared could and should die, spectacularly. But that would be cause for celebration, not shock.

Siddiq just arrived, so he can't die this soon.

Altogether, the most likely deaths are Gabriel, Dwight, and Eugene. They may all three buy the farm this week. Killing off that many main characters at once would make plenty of sense in the zombie apocalypse, but it's not something this show normally does. Or it could be someone completely unexpected, if they really want us to be shocked. Place your predictions in the poll. You can select more than one, but please don't select all of them.

(Image source: Nothing is Better Than The Walking Dead)

Who will die this week on The Walking Dead?

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I should've had "none of the above" as an option on this poll. No major character died, although Carl is a goner due to a bite -he will appear in the second half of the season, at least a little. A bunch of Saviour redshirts died, and Natania, who we really didn't expect to see.
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Okay, it's Sunday evening, and the poll here has Eugene in front, with Carl a close second. The Walking Dead fandom on the internet is freaking out, thinking it will be Carl. We'll see.
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