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A Christmas Prince is a Hit for All the Wrong Reasons

Viewers are reveling in the Netflix original movie A Christmas Prince -because it's so deliciously bad. To be fair, I haven't seen any criticism of the actors or the production values, but it appears the plot was written by an algorithm. Every plot device of a little girl's fantasy has been thrown into the mix, no matter how implausible, or how many times it's been used before.

See, it's about a ~quirky~ woman who is worse at being a journalist than Rory Gilmore, and a guy who is literally every bland, handsome, white, quasi-tortured prince with a playboy reputation and a secret heart of gold you've ever watched. There's a Christmas tree in every scene, in case you forget it's a CHRISTMAS prince, i.e. the best kind of prince, obviously. I imagine he smells of cinnamon and wrapping paper IRL. And if you love romance clichés, guess what: THIS MOVIE HAS ALL OF THEM. Every single one.

Let me guess one of them: the lead is a plain woman until she gets to know the prince. Then he is astonished to see how beautiful she is dressed up for the ball, because she's now wearing a dress and makeup. And they live happily ever after. A true Cinderella story. Read more funny reactions to A Christmas Prince at Buzzfeed. It might even be worth borrowing a Netflix password.

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Before checking out the secret genres, check the not so secret ones first.
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I've seen several posts around lately that argue about whether this or that movie is a "Christmas Movie." They list some that never occurred to me as related to Christmas, others as obviously so. I'm sure a Netflix category would spark a never-ending debate.
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Sure. I'll give this a go. Thanks for the warning and I'll put my MST3K hat on first.

Slightly off-topic: There are over 3,800 Netflix Genre Codes but none for Christmas movies. Three thousand eight hundred. But if you're looking for Steamy Gay & Lesbian Movies from the 1980s (#4324) - you're in. Just a personal pique that comes up every year around this time. . .
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