Your Amazing Molecular Machines

The workings of the human body on the cellular level is astounding. A molecule of DNA carries the genetic encoding for an entire being, so it is long and complicated. Yet it manages to split and replicate itself without becoming hopelessly entangled. It's a wonder that it ever works. And it's a wonder that humans ever figured out this much about it.   

(YouTube link)

We can only see it happening with powerful electron microscopes, and even then it's hard to tell the players apart. But Drew Berry at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research created a gorgeous animation that helps us visualize the process. Yes, we've posted it before, but even if you've seen it, the quality of internet video has vastly improved in the last ten years. We also now have an easy-to-follow narration from Veritasium. -via Digg

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"Your Amazing Molecular Machines"

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