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These Pet-Themed NeatoShop T-Shirts Are The Purr-Fect Addition To Your Wardrobe

Cat Attack by Vincent Trinidad

Our pets rule our animal lovin' lives, and even though they sometimes make it hard to keep the house clean, or relax, or have nice stuff, we put up with their bratty behavior largely because they're so darn cute.

If you're a die hard pet fan who just can't resist puppy dog eyes and a cuddly fur coat then you need to get your paws on these animal-inspired NeatoShop t-shirts ASAP.

Everyone who has ever owned a cat knows they secretly want to rule the world

Yarn Cat by Dooomcat

Even if their aggression is sometimes misdirected

Man's Best Friend by Tom McWeeney

That's why we need our loyal pooch companions around to fight on our behalf

Anatomy of a Cockatiel by Sophie Corrigan

Of course birds don't bother to enter the fray because they can just soar above the whole thing

Robotic Bird Schematics by Punksthetic

Even robot birds that can't fly and have lasers for eyes still know better than to join the eternal battle between cats and dogs

Nyan Piggie by Piggie Parodies

Guinea pigs just avoid the whole controversy by pretending to fly and that seems to work well enough for them

Sematary Here by Anderson Green Devil

Can you really blame those animals for wanting to stay out of the way when dogs are so willing to die in the fight for their masters?

Plant Reaper by Hillary White

Or that cats are so eager to kill anything they deem a threat?

French Bulldog Cartoon - Some Big Dogs Did It and Ran Away by stíobhart matulevicz

To be fair though, not all dogs are brave

Pocket Lucky Cat by TechraNova

The same way not all cats are evil

Scary Baby by Bleee

Some kitties just want to cuddle,

Skeletone by Hillary White

Some just want to play,


Others just want to dance

Aliens Gave my Cat a Beard by Steven Rhodes

And let's be honest, some cats are just plain weird

Were-Doodle by FrankenBarry

Then again, dogs can be pretty weird too

Snake Turtle by Aniforce

And the mere existence of some pets is just plain strange

Dead Inside by machmigo

Ultimately, it's all those quirks that ensure even those of us who feel like a soulless husk can still derive simple pleasures from our pets

Santa's Gang by Tobe Fonseca

Even jolly old Saint Nick knows the value of a good pet -or else he would have switched to a personal aircraft years ago!

FRENCHIES by ursulalopez

And like Santa himself would be happy to tell you, when it comes to pets, 

Cat Fort by Crumblin' Cookie

the more the merrier whether we're talking dogs or cats

Occult Sphinx Cat - Feline Pagan? Kitten & Planetary Symbols by kgullholmen

Although some pets (just like people) prefer to operate alone...

The Sheep Sails by ursulalopez

Whatever your animal of choice, you should set sail over to the NeatoShop and check out our amazing selection of geeky shirts, including many pet-themed designs that are a great way to show the world how much you love your furry friends.

The NeatoShop has the best quality print-on-demand prints in the biz, a wide variety of shirt styles to choose from and prices that will make you purr, so head to the NeatoShop and grab some new shirts today!

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