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10 Easy To DIY Halloween Costumes Based On Memes

If you want to keep your Halloween costume fresh and timely then you can't go wrong with a meme themed costume- they're the freshest, the timeliest, and they appeal to every internet user, meaning pretty much everyone nowadays.

They're also pretty easy to put together at the last minute, so if you still don't know what to wear to the Halloween festivities here are a few ideas based on memes:

1. Snapchat Hot Dog Filter-

(Image Link)

Put on a hot dog costume, some headphones and throw your hands in the air and you've become the Snapchat Hot Dog, and it is now your duty to photobomb as many pics as possible!

2. Angry Arthur-

(Image Link)

Angry Arthur is a super simple look to put together in terms of clothing, since it's mainly just a yellow sweater, blue jeans, glasses and sneakers, but you may have to hunt around a little to find the perfect aardvark ears.

Then all you have to do is clench your hands into fists all night long, posing the fist for the perfect pics and making an angry face whenever anyone takes a pic of you.

3. Salt Bae-

(Image Link)

This is by far the easiest look on the list to pull off, but spending the night as the Salt Bae may make your arm (and wrist) tired from all that salt dashing.

A v-neck tee, little round glasses and some salt are the basics of this costume, but if you want to go advanced bae you can bring a big steak to throw salt at and grill up to everyone's delight!

4. The Ermahgerd Girl-

(Image Link)

If you've got the face down and the Goosebumps books sitting on your shelf you're halfway to having a complete Ermahgerd Girl look.

Now all you need is a vest of some sort, a long sleeve sweater, a backpack and a pair of pigtails, braces are optional.

5. This Is Fine Dog-

(Image Link)

To be the This Is Fine Dog you need a dog costume of some sort, a tiny hat, some fire (preferably not real fire), a speech balloon that say's "this is fine" and a far off stare that shows you're fighting fire with denial.

6. Instagram/Facebook Post-

(Image Link)

This costume requires a little bit of crafting, but if you want to go out on Halloween as yourself but don't want to feel like a heel because everyone else is dressed up then this is a great idea.

You'll have to get an Instagram post frame printed, and you'll have to glue it on some cardboard or foam board and cut out the middle, but you'll also get to say whatever you want on your post so make it count!

7. "But That's None Of My Business" Kermit-

(Image Link)

There are two parts to this costume- the Kermit look and the props. For the Kermit look you can just add some light green neck fringe to a green sweater like the gal did in the pic above, or you can go full Kermit with a mask and costume.

It really doesn't matter as long as you have the props- the "but that's none of my business" printed sign hanging about waist high and a cup of tea to sip, so you can say sassy stuff then sip on your tea, letting your sign punctuate your sassiness.

8. The Ancient Aliens Guy-

(Image Link)

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the host of Ancient Aliens, and to be him (or a gender swapped version) all you have to do is volumize your hair (or wig), throw on a suit and tie and use your hands as parentheses.

Oh, and you'll need a printed sign with the word "ALIENS" or any funny word you want to punctuate with your hands all night long.

9. Condescending Wonka-

(Image Link)

Everybody loves Willy Wonka so people will totally eat you up in your Condescending Wonka costume- as long as you don't act too smarmy and condescending.

The meme text sign is a must, or else you'll just look like a Wonka wanna-be, and it's also your chance to say something sassy about something you think is stupid. Just don't piss people off or you'll end up sad and lonely like Slugworth.

10. Suspicious Fry-

(Image Link)

Futurama's star pizza boy Philip J. Fry wears a red jacket, blue jeans and a white t-shirt, he has orange hair and some pretty basic looking sneakers, all of which is pretty basic stuff.

So once you have the outfit you just have to squint at people all night long and spout "not sure if..." jokes and you'll be Suspicious Fry AF, cardboard meme text frame optional.

BONUS- Whatever Meme You Want Starring You-

(Image Link)

This meme-inspired look is a breeze to craft because all you need is construction paper, foam board and some glue, all of which can be purchased at the 99 cent store.

You can write whatever you want on your own custom meme-splosion, so it will be super original, and if you add a strap to the back you can wear it comfortably all night long. So go meme yourself this Halloween!

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What the H**L is a "Meme"?

Actually... I know what a meme is, but I thought I'd post this for most of the "over 55" generation who hasn't got a clue, so they don't feel alone.
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