I Disagree With Your Rant

Ah, life inside the bubble, where the world is divided into two distinct groups: those with agree with us, and those who don't. The internet was supposed to open up the world to global communication, a sharing of ideas. But it also allowed us to limit our communications to like-minded individuals and organizations, because no matter how obscure those beliefs are, you'll find someone on the internet to validate them. So how can we handle those with opposing views?

1. Ignore them. That's what the bubble is for, so you can stay safe inside it and have your beliefs reinforced instead of challenged.
2. Convince yourself your opponents are mentally or psychologically impaired, like this guy.
3. Argue with them. It's not going to change minds, but that's what a lot of folks do.
4. Tell yourself that all viewpoints are equally valid. They are not.
5. Remember the Serenity Prayer.

This is the latest comic from Zach Weinersmith at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

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"I Disagree With Your Rant"

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