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Add Some Retro-Tastic Fun To Your Geeky Wardrobe With A NeatoShop T-Shirt

Uncle Vinny by Emilie Boisvert

People used to think digging stuff from back in the day was strictly for freaks and geeks, but nowadays everybody knows retro is where it's at, especially when it comes to pop culture.

So if you're a retro fan then the NeatoShop is gonna make you flip your wig- because we have hundreds of great designs available on all kinds of tees and hoodies, including lots of designs for those in a retro state of mind. And now through October 8th all shirts in the shop are on sale!

Back in the day popular music didn't bite like it does today, and by bite I mean it totally blows

Thriller by Vincent Trinidad

And even though many clothing styles were scary bad at least people didn't look like clones

Gorgeous! by Hillary White

Man, I miss so many things about those good old days I could fill a book!

Journal Of The Willis by Captain RibMan

It's hard not to get nostalgic when we think about the great geeky stuff we saw as a kid

Party Animal by BinaryGod

And even though some of it was well before our time we dug it just the same

CHARGE! by Tom McWeeney

And we did our geeky homework by digging some great old gems up from the vault

A Symphony of Horrors II by Nemons

So we could see what all the buzz was about!


For me the old school stuff I love is primarily from the 1980s

Give Me the Power by Punksthetic

When killer foods kept threatening humanity

Revenge of the Killer Donuts by Vincent Trinidad

And killer moves helped you beat the bad guys and get the girl

Sweep The Leg by Vinny Palmer

But I remember digging some of those 70s shows like Battlestar and Wonder Woman

Women of 70s TV - POWER! by Captain RibMan

And I still really dig that 70s style when it comes to artwork

Coping with Stress by Steven Rhodes

And while we're at it can we talk about those awesome cartoon shows created in the 60s?

Herculoids Assemble by Crocktees

They were way ahead of their time, and still exciting to watch to this day


But nothing beat the cartoons from the 80s

The bravest starrs by Liquid Stryder Designz

I mean, there were transforming robots for f$%@s sake!

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye by zerobriant

The 80s also gave us arcades, which got us hooked on video games

Arcade Memories by

And a creepy little doll that gave 80s kids nightmares, plus our favorite pizza joint!

Chucky's Cheeses by Wolf Krusemark

It's no wonder so many 80s kids are still stuck on (or in) the 80s...

Maggiergeist by trheewood

Fans of retro pop culture franchise gotta head over to the NeatoShop for all their tees and hoodies, because we've got so many totally bodacious designs our selection will blow your mind!

The NeatoShop also has the best print quality on the market today, and every sale benefits the indie artists who feel just as passionate as you do about the past, and from now until October 8th everything in the shop is on sale!

So head to the NeatoShop and grab some garb that shows off your passion for the past today!

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