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Slug in an Iron

Look closely at this picture, and you still wouldn't know it was a steam iron with a slug inside without the accompanying text. That's a unique household problem. The Facebook post has more than 14 thousand comments, with comedy gold floating to the top, so to speak.

Rachel Caswell Tell him you're developing feelings for him.
That's how I get my guys to leave.

Richard Phillips Have you tried not body shaming the slug into thinking it's too big? Perhaps with a bit of self confidence it might come out on its own without ridicule.

Boone Arthur I asked the wife what she does when we get slugs stuck in the iron and without hesitation she said, "same thing I always do when I have a fat jerk i need to get rid of. Poison them in their sleep." She stared at me long enough for things to get awkward.

Chris Eubank Searle You're gonna need a length of fishing line, a toothpick, an ice cube and a bottle of superglue.
-Put the superglue on ice to chill.
-tie the toothpick to the end of the fishing line.
-sniff the glue
-become friends with the slug and forget all about the rest.

If you dig deep enough, you'll find some practical advice.

Lysandwr Blaidd Empty water out, leave on side with water hole open. Place saucer of beer next to water hole. Wait. (Mom's advice, because nothing fazes old ladies from Kentucky.)

The upshot is that you should drain the water out of your iron after you finish ironing, which I used to do to prevent it from spilling. I no longer iron anything. Meanwhile, you might go check your iron now, and discover it does not have a see-through reservoir, so you'll never know whether there's a slug inside. The post is from a Facebook page entitled Animals in Predicaments, which may explain why so many people with a sense of humor were enticed to add their two cents. -via Metafilter

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