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You'll Be The Coolest Cat In Town When You Wear One Of These NeatoShop T-Shirts

Aliens Gave my Cat a Beard by Steven Rhodes

Cats are the coolest animals on the planet in terms of personality and attitude, and because they're so cool we humans look up to them, secretly wishing we could muster as much moxy as our fearless feline friends.

But why hide your love of cats when you can announce it proudly with a NeatoShop t-shirt? They're fun to look at for both the wearer and the world, and when you spread smiles wherevery you go life just feels a little more purr-fect!

Our fascination with cats begins with the admiration of their physical beauty

Moonlight V.Light by StudioM6

Deepens when we discover how much we have in common

Purrfect day by NemiMakeit

And turns to full blown feline fandom when we realize we have tiny little rock stars living in our homes!

Purr v2 by Paula García

Cats make the ultimate rockers because they're born with a punk attitude

Funky Cat by barmalisiRTB

And cats don't care what we think about their actions or their attitude

I Dont Care Cat by Tobe Fonseca

Which is why we adore those furry little rock stars

Cat to the Bone! by Vincent Trinidad

Even when they're acting super duper strange

Boring by Vó Maria

Or being bad little kitties

HungryCats by JCMaziu

All they have to do is look up at us with that adorable face of theirs and they're out of the dog house

cat friendship by Marsanart

It's like they know what we'll do and how we'll react before we do

Im Human And I Have Issues by Tobe Fonseca

And it almost makes you wonder whether coming home with you wasn't part of some master plan

MYEEAAH by ChocolateRaisinFury

Cats could end up ruling the Earth


They definitely have enough of a killer instinct to do whatever it takes to rule

FINALLY! by Ed Harrington

But they're also way too lazy to put any real effort into anything

Nap Club Purr by Bomdesignz

And they're easily distracted

Cat Tails by Drawsgood

So they'd probably just space out and go do something else, so crisis averted!


Even with all of their flaws cats are truly furry little works of art

sumi cat by kharmazero

They comfort us when we're feeling weird

Dark Alice by Crumblin' Cookie

And they can make us laugh no matter our mood

Meowstache by Hillary White

Which is why we'll always see cats as magical creatures

Pink Tiger by Albertocubatas

Heroic creatures who make our lives a lot more interesting


Powerful symbols of animalistic might

Hero Panther by Buby87

And even though they drive us crazy we need cats just as much as they need us!

Mad Catwoman by MoisEscudero

If you're looking for the purr-fect cat tee to add to your collection then head over to the NeatoShop, where you'll find hundreds of great tee designs, cat related or otherwise, that will totally blow your mind!

The NeatoShop has the most amazing selection of tees on the planet, and our print on demand designs are the highest quality in the biz, so you'll be getting a shirt you'll love to wear for years to come.

So head to the NeatoShop and grab the purr-fect cat tee for less!

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