Owner Is Angry His 20-Pound Lobster Was Photographed by the T.S.A.

Christopher Stracuzza went to a seafood market in Connecticut and bought a bunch of lobsters, including a 20-pound monster he named "Dinnah," as in "what's for Dinnah?" He put the 40 pounds of lobsters in a cooler, with Dinnah on the bottom, and checked it as baggage for his flight home to Savannah, Georgia, where he planned a cookout. The cooler was labeled "live lobsters," but TSA agents had to have a look to make sure. And then they had to take a picture of Dinnah. And then share it on social media.

By the time Mr. Stracuzza got home on Sunday afternoon, Dinnah was a celebrity and Mr. Stracuzza was just confused why his cooler was wrapped in tape labeled T.S.A. His confusion became anger when he discovered Dinnah had been removed and placed back on top of the other lobsters.

Later, a friend notified him that his lobster had gone viral on the internet. And Lisa Feinman, the owner of the seafood store, was livid, too.

I packed this checked cooler with care and concern for the lobsters and my customers personal property. In addition to this lobster, my customer also purchased several other lobsters all of which were
purposefully packed on top of this guy. This agent,(after seeing the contents on an x ray machine, no doubt) had to dump out 12 other
lobsters to get to this guy. Seriously, nothing better to do? And who would be to blame when these lobsters show up with a
claw broken off because the TSA agent doesn't know how to properly handle a lobster? Do your job and leave our personal
property alone.

Stracuzza cooked $700 worth of seafood for his party, and had plenty of leftovers. Read the entire story at The New York Times. -via Gizmodo

(Image credit: Christopher Stracuzza)

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You are a TSA employee, F#&*$^% act like it. You know professional... Oops sorry, i forgot for a minute. You ARE a TSA employee so by definition not professional!
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This whole story $ucks. It was presented all over the interweb as "TSA finds 20lb lobster in passenger's checked baggage" - as if it was being smuggled in a suitcase wrapped up in underwear or something. Geez - 100 percent legal and in accordance with TSA rules. The guy's lucky he wasn't targeted by PETA or thousands of other social media crackpots demanding it be set free. Some serious discipline is in order at the TSA.
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