Former Disney Employees Discuss the Craziest Things They Saw on the Job

Disneyland may be the "happiest place on earth for visitors," but for employees, things are different. Over on Reddit, past Disney park employees recently discussed the most outrageous things they ever saw on the job. For those who think the Mouse represents a squeaky clean image, you might be surprised what those employees have seen. For example:

I worked on a ride where there was a holding area before the main room and ride. One night before close, apparently a guest had taken a shit in the holding room and everyone else tracked it through out whole queue and ride. We had to close early and every inch of our whole ride was sanitized that night. A guest seriously asked me, "There's poop on my flip flops... what do I do...?"

Many employees start off innocent when they come in, but then things like this change that:

[My] manager that told me I wasn't happy or cheerful enough so I should come in early to do a line of "pixie dust" before work. I showed up early to be a smartass, walk into her office and found her and a server doing lines of cocaine off the counter. I transferred as soon as I could but it was the same stuff in all the other areas as well. Disney still holds the title of most exciting job I've had. Over those 6 years I was assaulted, groped, bribed, spit at, whored out, and drugged. It was my sex, drugs, rock and roll experience.

You can read the full list of Reddit stories here, but be warned that many of the stories are NSFW.

Via Distractify

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