The Odd Thing You Never Noticed In Photos Of Prince Charles And Princess Diana

Most of the photos taken of Princess Diana and Prince Charles contain an anomaly few people have noticed and even fewer remarked upon- Princess Di looks shorter than Charles in their pics, and yet they were the same height.

Did you assume Charles was taller too? Here's a photo that shows how they should have looked in the others.

So if Charles and Diana were around the same height (5'10") then why did the Prince always look so much taller than Di in their pics?

Nobody's really sure, but it probably had something to do with making Charlie look more masculine and thereby preserving his Princely stature.

The New York Times even commented on this height disparity when the commemorative stamp above was released after their wedding in 1981:

So was it a simple case of photographer bias, or were they just trying to make sure Charles's ears didn't block Diana's face?

-Via CountryLiving

It is probably a dominant-submissive pose. He is the boss, so he is bigger.
In Victorian portraiture the men are almost always seated while the women stand demurely to the back. Or if the women are seated, the men are standing--almost-- looming over them.
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When my wife and I had a photographic portrait done, the photographer had us pose with my wife lower than I. She sat on a stool while I stood behind her. She is an inch taller than I am when standing.
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