17 Secrets of Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography is an exacting art and science. A formal wedding is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the photos will be the legacy that lasts for decades or even generations. The professionals who do this work put everything they have into it. Several experienced pros shared some things they'd like you to know before the big day. Not really secrets, just good information about their tasks.   


Sure, wedding photographers may charge a few thousand dollars for what seems like eight hours of work. But they also met with you countless times before the wedding. And do you realize how many times you emailed? Then there’s the editing process. Those photographers put many more hours of work into those pictures than you ever imagined. Also, that camera equipment wasn’t free (and it needs to be upgraded every couple of years). Stacy Able, an Indianapolis-based wedding photographer with Stacy Able Photography, says she loves it when couples ask why she charges so much, because it offers her the opportunity to really explain everything that goes into shooting a wedding.


When the couple first sees each other at their wedding and they relax instantly, it’s a sign that they’re going to last, [Gina] Cristine says. “They really enjoy the day together.”

“I shoot 20 to 30 weddings a year, and I can tell when a couple has really great chemistry,” [Jason] Brown says. “It’s when they’re in sync with each other and when they’re fun-loving with each other.” Once in a while, though, there’s the bride and groom who aren’t really into each other, and don’t really hang out at the wedding. That’s a red flag—as is the couple who are worrying incessantly about everything being perfect during their wedding instead of simply relaxing and enjoying their big day, Cristine notes.

Before you hire a photographer for your wedding, read the rest of the 17 Secrets of Wedding Photographers at mental_floss.

(Image credit: Daniel Case)

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