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Every Netflix Original Ranked

There's no denying that Netflix has had some pretty amazing original shows ranging from political dramas like House of Cards to absurd cartoons like Bojack Horseman. While everyone has their own personal tastes, it's always fun to rank things and that's what Collider did with this great list of every Netflix original series to date. Personally, I have to disagree with where they put Orange Is the New Black, which really dropped off over the last few seasons, but that's one of the best things about lists -the ability to disagree with them.

So check out the full list on Collider and feel free to debate their rankings in the comments here.

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I love 30 Rock to bits! But this new show ain't no 30 Rock. It's definitely not top 10 material for me.

I will probably watch Iron Fist, once I come around to watching the other MCU shows. I've only seen parts of Daredevil, which is awesome.

My backlog of shows just keeps on growing. I've only seen the first season of Orange is the new Black. I've only watched the first six eps of Crazy Ex-GF. I have only watched The Walking Dead up to the part where the governor (spoiler alert) died. Love is kinda meh, so I don't know if I'll continue after watching 3 eps. Only watched two eps of House of Cards. Is that Kat Dennings series still going cause I didn't finish the first season? I plan to watch Luke Cage and the other MCU movies too, but it's not even in the immediate horizon. Heck, I didn't even finish the first season of 24. Didn't finish Castle. Didn't finish Deadwood. Watched one ep of True Detective. &Etc. The only series I think I'm up-to-date is GoT, only because that Lady Mormont is such a badass.

Too many shows, not enough time or motivation to finish what I started.
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I adore Kimmy Schmidt and I think it was way better than Santa Clarita Diet, which I think is entertaining -but not great. Even so I agree that SCD was way lower on the list than it deserved to be. Question: Do you like 30 Rock? Maybe you just don't dig Tina Fey.

As for the Iron Fist thing, I think that whole "controversy" was just drummed up by publications looking for something to complain about to drive views. As you said he was white in the comics. Personally, I didn't think it was the best show, but it was still solid. My only complaint is that Danny was so dull -all the other characters were so great but he was just meh.
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I don't get the appeal of Unbreakable Kelly Schmidt. This list puts it in the top 10, another list had it at number 1. Personally, I find it a complete bore. I find the title character annoying. Any charm she had, she lost it within five minutes. The plot is just a Brendan Fraser rip-off.

Also, I was surprised at how low Santa Clarita Diet got in the list. It's definitely a funnier and more watchable series than Kelly Schmidt.

And wow, the MCU series are just killing it, except Iron Fist. As an Asian, I don't really care much about the brouhaha on the so-called whitewashing. Iron Fist was Caucasian in the comics itself. End of the story.
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