Things Many People Still Don't Understand About Star Wars

Star Wars has become such an epic franchise with such a devoted fandom that the origins of that universe have been left behind. To understand some of the mechanics of the story, Looper takes us back to how the stories were first constructed to remind of some details we've either forgotten or never realized in the first place.

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A little context helps us to understand how the juggernaut we know as Star Wars grew from just a movie into what it is today: a modern mythology that became more than anyone could have imagined. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Very flawed video. To imply that George Lucas isn't the reason Star Wars is successful and call it a "fact" is faulty logic. He's not the only one to give credit to, sure. It wasn't like he was conducting an orchestra with one hand and molding creature masks with another. He envisioned the whole thing, and he hired the very people mentioned here, as well as looked to others for help and advice and trusted the expertise of others. No creative genius works in a bubble, and no one can achieve massive success in the arts without the help of others. If Marsha Lucas, John Williams and Irving Kirshner (all amazingly good in their respective fields) walked into a movie studio, they would not have produced Star Wars.

As for the prequels revealing that things work better despite him -- I think this oversimplifies what was really going on. I firmly believe that his status and the movies being so successful and lauded for years and years all affected the movie-maker he became in that era. I think that he succumbed to this -- sitting in an ivory tower, having so much pressure to succeed, AND assume that his ideas were the best, AND surrounding himself with disciples who constantly reinforced this vs. actual collaborators who might have shot down an idea or two. If there were true collaborators or contemporaries Lucas turned to for advice at this stage, advice wasn't taken or Lucas's status made it difficult for others to challenge him. Did someone at some point raise their hand and speak up that Jar Jar just didn't seem to be working out and the whole idea should be scrapped...? And if so, what happened as a result..?
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