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Smart Glasses With Liquid Lenses That Adjust To Any Prescription

American optometrists have a racket enforced by law that says correctional lenses can't be sold without a prescription, and patients must update their prescription every year (or two for glasses).

But most people don't really need to update their prescription that often, and buying a new pair of glasses ever other year is expensive and a hassle.

So here's hoping these smart glasses created by engineers at the University of Utah make it past the testing stage- because they automatically adjust to any prescription.

These futuristic glasses have liquid lenses adjustable to any prescription via smartphone app, and the adaptive liquid lenses "can automatically switch between two prescriptions using piezoelectric actuation based on what the wearer is looking at."

-Via Laughing Squid

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I got an old pair of "distance glasses" from an uncle. They worked quite well, made distant objects less fuzzy and signage easier to read. However, they're decades old, so maybe laws changed since then, making them illegal to sell? It's a shame, if so, because such basic optics are quite useful for people without any eye conditions, and of course a cheaper option for those with just slightly weaker than normal eyesight.
A search for "nearsighted glasses" on eBay turns up 4,000 results, many allow you to select strength from -1 to 10. As low as $2/each, you could easily buy an assortment of strengths and, like any optician, see which works best for each eye, then order the proper pair, perhaps in a more desirable style.
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You need a prescription for distance, not reading. However, if you need strong reading glasses you'll also need a prescription for that because they usually don't go any higher than +3.00. Contact lens rx always has to be prescribed by an optometrist because the rx is different than your glasses rx. They also have to measure the size of your eye, and curvature because wearing contacts that don't fit properly can lead to blindness and/or permanent scarring of the eye. If you want to keep getting the same glasses rx forever you can, but your vision may have gotten worse without you realizing it if it happens gradually.
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I can walk into a dollar-store and get magnifying reading glasses in various powers. So what, exactly, does the law restrict?

I see that it's entirely legal in most states for an optician to DUPLICATE a pair of prescription glasses without a current prescription, so you can keep getting new ones indefinitely, without any further exam.
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LOL. You don't HAVE to get new glasses every year, dude. No one is stopping you from sticking with the same pair for ten years, whether or not that's a good idea is up to you.
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