These NeatoShop T-Shirts Are Strictly For The Scientifically Minded

Alternative Facts by fishbiscuit

It's hard to believe that science is under attack in the 21st century, but for some reason the regressive folks in the world see facts derived through the scientific method as a threat, which is truly bananas.

But we're not monkeying around when we say Neatorama is written by science fans for science fans, and therefore it's no surprise that the NeatoShop is full of fun shirts for the scientifically minded!

When science is under attack the scientists become like superheroes to science fans

Knowledge is Power by kgullholmen

And the skeptics and zealots make those scientists want to flex their scientific muscles

Best in Show (Science!) by Amorphia Apparel

Thankfully, they know when to ignore the skeptics and continue making the world a safer place without the aid of giant, meat eating dinosaurs

Brilliant Mind Ninja Scientists by Fuacka

Scientists are a dedicated bunch

Science by Los dibujos de Alapapaju

And they all eat, drink and dream about scientific progress

Candy Science by happinessinatee

Which is why they take threats against their research, and science in general, mighty seriously

Atom Bomb by tomburns

They don't appreciate it when the uninformed question conclusions it took them years to prove

I Have Science by Crocktees

But that doesn't mean all scientists are stuffy

Feline Einstein by Gimetzco!

In fact, many scientists like to use their knowledge and research to make the world more fun

Polygnomial by George Coghill

They reveal really cool things about our past

Spiked Lizard by Shamus Beyale

Like the fact that dinosaurs probably had feathers, and may have been early relatives of birds,

Real dinosaurs had feathers by Vic Neko

And while some scientists use their powers for evil

"Victor" by Jo Morley

Most are dedicated to spreading knowledge and making the world a safer, cleaner and better place to live

King of the Cosmos by Megan Lara

Which is why they wear the title of "scientist" with pride

Chemistry and Biology Scientist by happinessinatee

And freely share their knowledge with whoever will listen

It's NOT a fart. And you're a hero. by Mark Heath

That is, unless they're working on a top secret project

Vehement von Braun by ikado

The world looks a bit different with the knowledge they share rattling around in your head

Optimist, pessimist, SCIENTIST! by Andropov

Not necessarily better or worse, just easier to understand

Sodium Bomb by MightyRain

Except for people, of course, they remain forever impossible to fully comprehend

Rick School Quote by Legendary Phoenix

Especially when you consider some people purposely deny themselves any scientific knowledge

Down With Gravity by Ashleigh Brilliant

Even though scientific knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe!

Capsule 41 by pigboom

If you're as big a fan of science as we are then you've got to head to the NeatoShop and pick up some super scientific t-shirts so you can wear your love of science on your chest!

The NeatoShop is home to thousands of designs, including hundreds which will really appeal to those who prefer facts to blind faith, and with the best designs in the biz your shirt will last for years to come.

So head to The NeatoShop and get some scientifically approved clothing for less!

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