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Two Fun Ways To Deal With People Who Steal Your Parking Space

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There's a special level of Hell waiting for people who swoop in and steal your space in a parking lot when you're in the process of pulling into the space, and those parking spot pilferers make us see red.

But rather than risking jail time by smashing up their car (or their heads) we need to find a crafty way to get revenge, or we can just live vicariously through these staged videos and imagine how good it would feel.

The first revenge- wedging the space thief in so hard they can't get into (or out of) their car. As you can see in this staged video it helps if you are driving a convertible when you pull this stunt.

(YouTube Link)

The second revenge requires a Jeep or some other vehicle with a mounted tow chain, so you can hook it up and drag that deadbeat spot stealer outta your spot!

But don't block other drivers in with the jerk's car, like the driver did in this staged video- have the decency to tow it up onto the curb, where it's sure to get towed straight to the impound lot.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Shareably

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Good observations.
At about 13 seconds, two Instagram nicks pop up near the Jeep. Upon looking at one of that YouTuber's other videos, it says to follow him ON one of those two nicks. So, mission accomplished for a viral video. Two million YT views and around 248,000 Instagram followers.

Also, it's a drone camera that moves small amounts and has limited battery time. But that seems pretty moot at this point.
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The staged Jeep video shows the driver passed 3 empty parking spots before the parked car even moved. There's also a spot almost immediately to the left. All that work to not walk 5 parking spots further, to say nothing of possibly ruining the other car's transmission if that were done for real, makes me wonder who Jeep is marketing this towards.
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I still laugh over the guy who parked in a handicapped spot at a Home Depot in Michigan. A guy confronted the man and told him he should move since he wasn't disabled. The other guy cussed him out and went into the store. So the man, who objected to the other guy's parking, went around the lot and gathered up all the carts and those big, bulky, ungainly trolley-type carts and put them all around his truck. 4 or 5 rings deep. I was sitting in my car waiting for my husband to come out of the store so I got to watch the whole thing happen. When the jerk came back out he was furious. There was, by then, a crowd of people watching what would happen and they started yelling at the guy. Needless to say, the guy had to clear away a space so he could leave. Took him nearly half an hour. All I could do was laugh, since I am disabled it was nice to see this jerk get some instant Karma for his actions.
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