Horrible Stories of Children in Restaurants

I'm far from the person who believes no one should take children to a restaurant as I've seen plenty of well behaved kids eating out, but we've all seen those monster children at restaurants whose parents completely ignore them. But the worst kid you've ever seen while dining out probably doesn't compare at all to the terrible youngsters in this Thrillist article. While all the stories are pretty good, the last one really emphasizes how terrible some parents are while dining out with their offspring: 

"I was way too busy to take time away from my other tables to escort this girl to the bathroom and I also did not really feel comfortable taking a young child and 'helping her' in the bathroom. I mean, what if this involved wiping and such? I let her know that I was sorry, but I needed to start bringing the food out for the table and did not have time to help her daughter. I should add that, at least to appearances, there was no obvious physical disability that would have prevented this lady from taking her own daughter to the bathroom. Not to mention, there are 13 other people at the table -- who know this child to some extent -- who could also have helped if needed.

And that's just the beginning of the awfulness. You can read the rest of the story -and all the others at Thrillist.

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"Horrible Stories of Children in Restaurants"

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