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World of Warcraft is a International Matchmaking Service

If you've ever considered joining in an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game), consider the story of these two people. They met playing World of Warcraft in 2010. She was a tank in Canada, he was a healer in the U.S. And they got married exactly seven years later, on January 29, after she got a visa to live in the U.S. It turns out that their story is not exactly unique. Redditor unffligh told us,

LOL I did the opposite. I met my husband playing WoW in 2004. After several visits back and forth I moved from Minnesota to Canada to be with him.

And chaosintejas had a similar story.

This is awesome! I also married an American I met in WoW (I'm Canadian) - in 2006, but we both stopped playing and we moved our friendship to social media. We've always liked each other 'more than friends' but Texas and Vancouver were pretty far, separate countries, and honestly we did both have on-again-off-again relationships (not to mention school) so it seemed unrealistic. In March 2013, we had both found ourselves single, so I visited him in Texas for a week and we shortly after decided to get married! We visited back and forth a handful of times and then I immigrated to the US September 2013 and we were married December 2013. Just passed Anniversary 3 :)

Really liked the UCSIS Interview where the US is trying to determine if our relationship is real and the minute I said World of Warcraft the guy just laughed. Thx budddayyy.

DollaBillMurray says it happens all the time.

I know two couples that met on WoW and one from LoL. All three were Canadian guys that met and subsequently imported American girls.

And it's not just WoW that brings Americans and Canadians together.

Met my husband in 1999 on a game called Meridian 59. He was from Canada, and I was a transplanted Alaskan. We met in person in 2001, just before September 11 when he flew out to Anchorage. He never left because he was afraid that the travel restrictions that would be coming after that would keep us apart. We married 4 months later, he became a U.S. citizen, and now serves in the Army. We recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary, and we still play video games together and have side by side pc's in our den. There are certainly some happy endings in video game nerd land.

So if you want to improve U.S./Canadian relations, or just want to meet someone, you might consider playing WoW online. It's amazing how many married couples in the reddit thread met playing games.

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