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People Reveal The Craziest Scam They've Seen Someone Pull Off

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You'd be surprised how many people are out pulling scams on a daily basis, or I should say you'd be surprised if you've never worked in retail, banking, insurance, the service industries, law enforcement...

I know someone who worked at a bank. he/she decided it would be entertaining to steal a guys check, then take it home and wash and rewrite it. needless to say when all was said and done he/she got away with a few thousand dollars and they tried to accuse the guy who's check it was of taking the money. -via dadthinksomsaslut

Okay, so you're probably aware that many people are putting in work to pull off scams, and you may even know a few scammers, but let's not name names here...

When I was a kid my buddy and I kept a candy box from a school fundraiser. On the weekends we would go to the dollar store and buy candy bars for 3 for $1 and then go stand in front of Walmart and Target and sell the candy bars for $1 each saying they were for a school fundraiser. -Via moby323

Instead let's check out this AskReddit thread from a while back that asks "What's the craziest scam that someone you know has pulled?" and learn how to avoid getting scammed by these shifty scumbags!

I had a friend who worked at gamestop for a few years, and he devised a plan where, when new games were released, he would about once a day keep a receipt for a $60 game and just stick it in his pocket.

When someone would come in a few days later to trade in said game, he would give them the cash as a trade in (35-40 bucks I think) but not run it through the system. After the person had left and there was no one else in the store he would then run the game as a return, netting the retail $60 price.

He would then pocket the $20 difference, thus making himself an extra $80-$100 a week while the registers had complete paper trails and never appeared to be missing any dough. -via Huellio

See 18 People Reveal The Craziest Scam They've Seen Someone They Know Pull Off here

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As someone who (sometimes) catches such scammers, I have quite a few stories. Perhaps the best is a double scam. A woman who worked as a teller got the personal information for old men who had lots of money and never checked their account balance. Her boyfriend used that information to buy seven high-end cars. He resold six of them and kept one.

Unfortunately for him, all were backed by the same bank so they figured out what happened. The bank issued a fake safety recall and when any of the cars came into a dealership, the owner was arrested.
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In my first year of gainful employment after college (1997), I actually received a Nigerian scam letter. No, it wasn't an email, but an actual letter sent via snail mail to our company, addressed to my position, but not to my name personally.

I was naive enough to show some interest in this letter. Wow, if I help this poor Nigerian politician move his money out of the country, I could pocket as much as six million in commission! I showed it to my boss, he laughed at the letter and at me for believing in it.

That was the last time I half-trusted a scam. Boy, did I dodge a bullet on that one!
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