Dashcam Video Footage Of A Driver Hitting 240 Green Lights In A Row

One of the more popular automotive-related urban legends is the tale of "nothing but green", in which a driver claims to have hit X amount of green lights in a row while driving through the city.

This urban legend is hard to believe in big cities like Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco, because it seems like all the other drivers on the road would make it really hard to continuously  every light, green or not.

But NYC ride-share driver Noah Forman hit an astounding 240 green lights while driving through Manhattan, and Shawn Swetsky posted Noah's dashcam footage to prove it.

Noah hits 240 green lights. from Shawn Swetsky - Post Producer on Vimeo.

You can also watch Noah hit 240 green lights in a row in real time on the full 26 minute long video here.

-Via Boing Boing

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There's no reason people should hit red lights. Just the first one when you turn onto a road, then going the speed limit should be timed so you hit them all green, until you turn. Cars (or pedestrians) waiting to cross the intersection don't need to immediately stop traffic going the other way... They can wait a few seconds until the right time in the cycle that the first group has passed through, and the next is a ways off. Stopping traffic is not necessary or beneficial. There are always a few places that can't be allowed to back up for safety reasons, which makes this goal more difficult to pull off, but usually the problems are political, or just laziness.
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In downtown Minneapolis, legend has it that all lights are timed to 22.5 mph. I tried it a couple of times, but other drivers got in the way. In Santa Ana, California, there is a control center (actually visited it once) that can greenlight any path they want. It is supposed to be used for emergency vehicles, but could just as easily be manipulated to generate this sort of video.
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