Family Buys Cadaver Bride For Dead Son, But The Bride Is Still Alive

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There's a strange funereal practice that was outlawed by Chairman Mao back in 1949 but is starting to make a comeback in China- the practice of buying a cadaver bride to be buried with a family's unmarried son.

This "ghost marriage" is thought to prevent the unmarried son from going through the afterlife alone, and as grim as this practice may seem many Chinese people see ghost marriages as no big deal. 

Unfortunately, they also don't see anything wrong with paying grave robbers to dig up women for their sons, and this cadaver black market has led to murder for profit, since the freshly dead are far more valuable.

Recently a family in China paid about $3500 for the cadaver of a young girl, but as they were burying the coffin containing the girl and their son they heard noises coming from inside- and discovered the girl was still alive.

She had fallen victim to human traffickers who were kidnapping women from a shelter they ran for disabled people, sedating them and selling them as cadavers for ghost marriages.

Six men involved in the human trafficking ring were arrested, and the authorities were able to save five other women from a similar fate.

Read Family Buys Cadaver Bride For Dead Son, Turns Out Cadaver Is Still Alive here

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Yes, of course I had followed the links. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't see as a reliable source. Nor does ViralNova and WarpedSpeed add the needed credibility and verification. If you think lots of photos and details makes a story true, I can point you to numerous tabloid stories to disabuse you of that notion...

I find the biology involved very difficult to reconcile with the claims. This comment section doesn't lend itself to long-form discussions, but suffice it to say there's a world of difference between an unconscious living body, and a cadaver. Body heat, rigor mortis, coloration, odors, respiration, texture, reflexes, sounds, etc. You don't have to look closely, or really try, to tell the difference between someone asleep vs deceased.

This story simply reeks of urban legend.
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I have to ask- did you actually read the article I linked to before you commented that it was a fake, or did you simply read what I wrote and post a comment? Had you read the article you would have found a link to the original source ( that breaks down the entire incident by time even, with photos and plenty of direct and concrete proof related to the incident. Nowhere was it stated that she was a "zombie"- she was given sedatives and came to while in the coffin. It's easy to see everything as fake when you don't actually follow the links to the original source, but now you have a Google translated link and can read about it for yourself.
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