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The Demeaning $5 Tip Trick

A couple found a "life hack" on the internet and decided to try it out. This is not new; it was featured in the TV shows Cheers in the 1980s and in Third Rock from the Sun in the '90s. The anonymous people who did this have apparently never worked a tipped job or anywhere in the service industry where you're already made to feel like a lesser form of human. The text accompanying the image says,

So I took the wife out to dinner last night, and we have always talked about doing this. You put 5 singles out on the table at the beginning of dinner for the waiter/waitress to see. (Don’t say anything to them) if they mess up, you take a dollar away, and so on. At the end of dinner, however much is left, is their tip. I shit you not, you will receive the best service of your life. The waitress Kept looking at it as if she was confused. But she played her cards right, did a great job and received the whole 5 bucks. I did take away a dollar tho bec she forgot the bread, but she bounced back and gave us extra. Haha all in all a great evening with my love and a good dinner experiment we both wanted to play out. Try it, you will be surprised!

The sadism just seeps through in what he says. I hope this person is not employed in any supervisory capacity. I would doubt that he is, as then he would have no need to take that demeaning attitude with him outside of work. The blogger at The Bitchy Waiter gives a line-by-line breakdown of this scheme and the people who do it. I am reminded of the adage, "No matter how nice someone is to you, if he is not nice to the waiter, then he is not a nice person."  -via Uproxx

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$5 tip for say a $100 tab is insulting. Maybe is you laid out five $5 bills it would be better. Of course, you should really never "tip" your tip. For absolutely horrible service the ultimate insult tip is a penny face down. I've done that twice in my life.
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Well I think I'd probably preface it by adding "look, I know you get a lot of crap customers. I waited tables for three years and know exactly what you go through. I'm telling you this up front so you don't have to worry about me. No pressure. In fact if you have to spend a little more time with a crappy customer and a little less with us that's totally cool because I've been there."
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