Nurses Share Horror Stories From Their Student Days

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Before nurses can become badass medical professionals who help treat patients and make a hospital run smoothly they must undergo a sort of trial by fire as a student nurse.

“My patient rang his bell saying he needed the toilet. As soon as he stood up the floodgates, front and back, opened. Luckily I had a pad on me, but what I didn’t know as a student was that pads weren’t designed to capture free flowing liquid straight away. At this point I was on my knees panicking and praying it wouldn’t get on my face because it kept going and going and going. Let’s just say my late shift couldn’t have ended any worse.” -Via katrinaa47dd0dc38

Or maybe it's more accurate to call it a trial by blood, feces, urine, screaming and cursing, because student nurses have to deal with some really sick and disturbing stuff before they can become a full fledged RN.

“I was looking after a child who had been putting push pins into a nerf gun and using it to pop balloons. I guess one of the pins got stuck so he turned it round to look down the barrel and… Yeah. Pin in the eye.” -Via tammyf10

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But the added bonus of facing these traumatic experiences for the sake of saving lives is you get to share your war stories with the world.

“I was on ward round on a urology ward. They doctor told me prior to going into a patients room that the patient had a hydrocele (sack of fluid that firms around the testicular area). I had no idea what this was but nodded along politely and went into the room. The patient whips his pants down without a being prompted and revealed that I can only describe as a space hopper between his legs. I was in stunned silence and don’t know where to look. Reminded me of Randy Marsh in that South Park episode!” -Via jamesh4143d3ae2

BuzzFeed asked nurses in their community to share horror stories from their student days, and as expected they got some extremely eye-popping responses!

“On my first day on my first placement as a student nurse, I was looking after a dementia patient, and no one told me he had a fake eye. I was horrified when he pulled his eye out of its socket and rolled it down the corridor. I went running after it to give it back to him… he washed it in his orange juice and put it back in his socket while I stood there in surprise.” -Via laurenc4f2c3d039

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