I Need My Goggles!

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Give him a minute; this kid will figure it out. Or two minutes. When he finally does, he has no embarrassment at all, he's just glad he found them! Funny, but it can happen to anyone. Redditor machalllewis is proof of that.

I once went to the supermarket a few miles from me, picked up some food for dinner that night, put it in my backpack and then walked back home. It wasn't until I got home that I remembered that I had biked there.

The difference here is that I was 22 when I did this.

Have you ever looked for your car keys while you were driving? Or used the light on your phone to look for your phone? I don't think you can beat GreenHatSam's story.

On moving day (years ago) I lost my 1 year old son.

Lots of people moving boxes and vehicles. It was chaotic. I went looking for my kid. He Wasn't in the yard, not in the house. I called out for him. He said, "Mom!"

Ok. Good. He's within ear shot, I just don't see him. I called out for him again. Again, he answered me. He sounded close.

I just stood still and looked around.

Found him on my hip. I was holding him the entire time.

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"I Need My Goggles!"

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