The 13 Most Common Brain Farts

Jeff Wysaski at Pleated Jeans put together 13 scenarios in which we are most likely to do or say something extremely dumb. Have you ever said, "You, too!" after someone wishes you a happy birthday? I have. Link

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That's because the range of acceptable responses is so slim that we fall into a routine of giving the same responses. It no doubt contributes to the "mental rigidity" neuroscientists link to early-onset Alzheimer's disease.
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I can read a whole page of a book while distracted and thinking of something entirely different, then realise the reading hasn't sunk in at all, so then have to go back and re-read it... sometimes several times. I definitely don't multi-task well at all.
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I once called somewhere and when somebody answered the phone asked: "Can I speak to John Smith please?"
Reply: "That's who you're talking to."
Me: "Oh, that's who you're talking to."
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"The 13 Most Common Brain Farts"

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