How To Cut Thick String With Your Bare Hands

I can't count the number of times I've been tying something down with rope only to find I don't have my knife or razor handy, forcing me to yell for help or simply let the rope go slack and start over again.

But as it turns out you don't need a blade to cut thick string- because you can cut it with your bare hands.

(YouTube Link)

Scott Wadsworth of the Essential Craftsmen YouTube Channel demonstrates how string-on-string friction can cut through thick string without a blade, but if you try this trick out for yourself you may want to wear gloves.

-Via Lifehacker

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Heehee! When you wrap a cord around something, it's spelled wind, pronounced wined, not like the air that blows around; that's pronounced winned. Then there's really no such word as winned, because the past tense of win is won, pronounce wun.

But you needed the past tense, which is wound, pronounce wowned, not like wound that is an injury -that's pronounce woond.

English is so weird.
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First off, I shall mourn the day you resolve to only post sober comments. Secondly, that man has a hundred of sharp object in that very room he could have used to cleanly cut the string. This technique guarantees a long, frayed, useless end.
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Um... I am not sure what I watched. I saw a man wined/dined ( I know this is spelled incorrectly and would appreciate someone clueing me in to the correct verbiage because I am at a loss!), is it 'wined' or another word? -strung around his hand and then saw him in a black-smithy sort of place, but I must have missed the 'get out of string' problems. Perhaps I should just let the alcohol work it's way through me and make my pain go far, far away and stop making comments? Yeah. I think that's probably best.
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