Complicated Fox Rescue

Last Tuesday, the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service in England was called to free a fox that had gotten its head stuck under a fence in Eastbourne. When they arrived, the fox pulled his head in under the fence. That was weird. Was the fox not really stuck all that time? Looking around, the crew realized that the fox was in a tiny space where two fences met near a wall, and his leg was stuck under the other fence!

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After trying several unsuccessful ideas, the rescue crew ended up cutting a bit of wood from the bottom of the second fence, just enough to free the stuck leg. But now the unstuck fox was confined in the tiny area, which was too small for a person to approach the wild and possibly injured animal safely. They eventually managed to extract the fox, and you can read the entire story at the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue website. -via Arbroath

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I used to live out in the country. Everyone around us had at minimum 10 acres. The incredible thing about where I lived in Michigan was that we had such an abundance of wildlife.

My property has blue birds galore. Kestrels? Oh, yes. Red tail hawks, a wonderful deer herd of about 24 deer with fawns, (NO hunting on my property!!) coyotes and, best of all, foxes. At night you could hear the kits crying into the night. It was such a sweet sound, one I shall always cherish. They tend to live within a 1-2 mile radius and they know every square inch of their land! When the fox family had pups we knew about them and were so happy to hear their voices in the moonlight.

I was a feeder at a nature center near our home and one day I heard a 'woman' moaning in the 'throes of love'. I wandered around the site trying to find the woman not knowing if she was enjoying her fling or not.

I came upon this 2 run strip of pens which held a red female fox and a white Arctic fox. The female was in heat and driving the poor male crazy. She would bring her behind up to the fence and the poor male would try like mad to reach her, all to no avail.

There is a reason why they call a female fox a 'vixen'. If you have ever heard one you would swear a woman was having a mighty fine time in the sex department. As for the poor Arctic fox he never had a chance to mingle. He was fixed the following week...
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