This Simple Trick Makes Drawing In Two-Point Perspective A Breeze

Most artists will agree perspective drawing skills can only be developed with lots of practice, and a proper perspective drawing needs to be properly plotted out first, but what if you just need to bust out a sketch?

There has got to be a quicker and easier way to plot and sketch out a fairly accurate two-point perspective drawing, right?

There is, and as you can see in this video shared on Instagram by @architectdrw all you need is an elastic string and a paper clip to bust out a surprisingly accurate sketch.

Perspective drawing with thin string:)

A video posted by reza asgaripour (@architectdrw) on Sep 21, 2016 at 12:49pm PDT

-Via Archinect

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Very true. I mulled the concept over more during the day after posting and also realized another benefit, the topmost point in the string also provides the exact crosspoint for any vertical line in the drawing. This would need to be measured each time otherwise, so after additional consideration I can see it being very valuable. I haven't had to do a perspective drawing in years, but I can see giving this a try immediately if I ever have to in the future. :)
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I like that the horizon points are held with no effort. And as an amateur, I don't have to fret that my common 12-inch ruler isn't long enough to reach across the width of the paper. As far as the perspective is concerned, the guy in the video seems to be benefiting from the technique, in terms of speed.
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Not to be "that guy" in the comments, but this isn't really a "trick" and is actually more complicated than it needs to be. In ARCH 101 we were taught how to do this, but the only instrument you need is a single straight edge (and a pencil, of course). Once you place 2 points on the horizon (which this person has also done, using them as the anchor points for the string) you simply place the straight edge on either of those points, at any angle you want. Any ray from either of those points along the straight edge will intersect any vertical line along the correct projection of the perspective. It's the same concept as shown here, but if you don't have a string and paper clip, it can be done just same way (as it always traditionally has) with just a straight edge. This just seems to be complicating a basic technique.
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