How Contestants Claim Their Prizes After The Price Is Right

Every episode of The Price Is Right features contestants winning some sort of prize, cash or otherwise, ranging from a small appliance to a new car, but contestants don't receive their prizes on camera.

So how do contestants claim their prizes after the show?

According to former contestant Aurora De Lucia, who won camcorders and a Chevy Cruze LS on the show in March of 2013, winners are immediately sent to a “winners room” backstage to sign paperwork.

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The camcorders were shipped to Aurora's house from the vendor, but she had to go pick the car up from the dealership after the show's producers made arrangements which, as stated in the contract, could take up to 90 days.

Aurora had to pay $2067 in sales tax for the car, as well as federal taxes on all her prizes, since they're considered income, and California's income tax of 8 percent before she could take possession of the car.

In total she had to pay around $9000 for a $20,000 car, which isn't a bad deal overall but is a hell of a lot more money than most Price Is Right contestants expect to pay when they go on the show.

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I believe that if the USA would give lottery winners the full amount of their winnings - tax-free - that there would be a tremendous amount of people playing the lottery. Good for us and good for the country, IMO. The lottery could 'declare' the amount to be won (after the gov't's take) so we would just be concerned with the share being given. Should the gov't want 50% of the take then fine, don't tell us that, just tell us what we will win IF we win! IF I don't have to pay tax on my winnings I would be very happy with whatever I won. Wouldn't you?
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I knew Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy winners don't get prizes until the show is actually aired. Thought it would be the same at TPIR. I always said that if I can't put it in my pocket or drive it away, I don't want it. I won $7K on the Florida Lotto once and the IRS took $1500 withholding off the top. Canada Lotto winners are not taxed. Good for them.
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